Daniel Adams is a 21 year old Conceptual Fashion photographer, having graduated from Falmouth University. Coming from an international background and growing up in Malaysia, his work tends to revolve around identity and his cultural & national heritage, exploring topics such as gender, race and sexuality.


Exhibited in BRIK - Free Range, London (June 2017)

Exhibited in BA Photography 3rd Year Graduate Show - Falmouth University (May 2017)

Exhibited in 'Still Here' - Falmouth University (December 2016)

Exhibited in BRIK - The Poly, Falmouth (May 2016)

Exhibited in CHEAP - Falmouth University (October 2015)

Exhibited in 'All Year BA Photography Exhibition' (March 2015)

Exhibited in 'BA Photography First Year Exhibition' (December 2014)

Exhibited in 'Monochromia' - Falmouth, Cornwall (November 2014)

Exhibited in 'End Of Year Show A Level Photography' KL, Malaysia (June 2014)


Featured in the British Journal of Photography Issue #7863

The Guardian (June 2017):


SAYS.com (June 2017):


The Star Online Newspaper Malaysia (June 2017):


The Coverage (June 2017)


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JUICE Magazine Malaysia (June 2017)


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Falmouth University Interview (June 2017)


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MUSEE Magazine (May 2017)


Featured in Tales Magazine Issue 4 (February 2017)

Featured in Agave Mag (June 2015)

Featured on Photographica (Jan 2015)
Featured in Beau NU Mag (December 2014)
Featured on GUMBALL Mag (July 2014)
Featured in Komorebi Issue 2 (April 20I4)
Lookbook published on Rustic Wild (April 20I4)
Featured by Wandering Minds (February 20I4)
Featured on the MOR Network Website (February 20I4)
Featured On Quiescient Photo of the Week (February 2014)
Interviewed by "Interesting Photographers" (January 2014)
Interviewed by The Portfolio (February 20I4)
Featured on AwePixels.com (January 2014)
Featured on QuantumGambitz (January 2014)
Featured on The Portfolio (January 2014)
Featured in Issue 19, Golden Age Magazine (January 2014)
Featured on The Portfolio (December 2013)
Featured on The Portfolio (November 2013)
Featured on The Portfolio (October 2013)
Featured on the Weekend Inspiration LXVI (2013)
Featured/Interview on Lost Freedom Magazine (2013)
Published as Photo Of The Day on SEEANCE Online Magazine (2013)
Published in Hangar Magazine (November 2012)
Published in Atlas Magazine (December 2012)
Published on Vogue Italia Website (November 2011)
Published in Expat Magazine Malaysia (2011)

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